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Study Abroad

At Beloit College, students author their study abroad experience, connecting it to their studies, personal interests, and aspirations for the future.

A student triumphantly overlooks mountains and beautiful blue skies after a hike in New Zealand, ...

In this video, alumni talk about the difference study abroad made in their educations and how it prepared them for life after graduation.


Application Deadline for Off-Campus Study

Application deadline for study abroad and off-campus study in the U.S. for fall 2020, spring 2021, and academic year 2020-21.

Pathik Rupwate’21 (left) and Saad Ahsan’21 (right)

Saad Ahsan’21 and Pathik Rupwate’21 share their thoughts on becoming the new BSG co-presidents.

In our interview, Saad Ahsan’21 and Pathik Rupwate’21 talked about working together to raise the visibility of BSG and increase its effectiveness.


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