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Advising relationships empower you to take ownership of your path through college.

Professor of Art Meredith Root explains camera settings to a student.

Your Initiatives advisor (who is also your Spark/Initiatives professor) is your advisor in the liberal arts. Beginning in the Spark course and continuing through the first two years at Beloit, your Spark/Initiatives advisor will introduce you to a Beloit liberal arts education and facilitate your own active planning process, both in individual meetings and through Initiatives advising workshops.

When you declare a major, you’ll also develop an advising relationship with a professor in your chosen area of study, but you’ll continue to meet with your Initiatives advisor through your first two years of study (and probably thereafter). You’ll very likely find other, less formal mentors, as well, through coursework, research, and engaging in learning opportunities on and off-campus.

The Advising Relationship

As a student and advisee, you have the following responsibilities:

  • to engage actively and intentionally in planning your educational trajectory;
  • to develop an academic plan that achieves breadth and depth in the liberal arts, and to reevaluate that plan regularly in light of your developing interests and skills;
  • to seek advice or referral from your advisor and others when you have academic, career, or personal concerns;
  • to prepare for and attend all advising appointments and workshops;
  • to strengthen your ability to make thoughtful, well-informed choices, and to take responsibility for your own academic and personal decisions.

Your Spark/Initiatives advisor will endeavor:

  • to assist you in designing your educational trajectory;
  • to help you reflect upon, develop, and implement a strategy for achieving your academic, career, and personal goals;
  • to connect you with other resources on campus that can help you to address specific academic, career, and personal concerns;
  • to make all reasonable efforts to be able to meet with you when you request an appointment;
  • to support and stimulate your capacity to make informed decisions, to negotiate difficulties, and to take responsibility for and learn from the consequences of your actions and choices.

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