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New Web Page Request Form

Please use this form to request a web page be added to a group/site.

Initial content for the page must be submitted along with the request. Pages without content will not be made.

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required e-mail address field
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Page Details

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The title also determines what the URL will be.
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Be descriptive, including page titles/urls as needed. For instance, "On our department page, add under the Resources & Opportunities page at '/department/resources-opportunities/', at the top of the list of pages."
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Why is this page needed and what goal(s) does it fulfill?
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Page Content

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At least one of the following fields must be completed. Pages will not be made and left blank, so content must be submitted with the initial request.

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If you have the content on a file (.docx, etc), upload it here.
(50 MB max)
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If the page is supposed to use or list dynamic content (stories, events, profiles, etc), or if additional details need to be given, describe what/how content should be included on the page.

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