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Alex Villegas'19 running the Strong Stadium track.

Being Beloit means being the first in my family to go to college. It means confidence in my own abilities, access to life-changing experiences, and being able to relate with a global community larger than myself.— Alex Villegas’19

We believe the world needs more Beloiters, and our unwavering conviction in the value of the work we do demands we give students the opportunity to experience it and share it with the world.

More than 93% of Beloiters receive financial aid—nearly $20 million annually. This support is provided through the generosity of the College’s alumni, parents, and friends. Beloiters supporting Beloiters.

100% of your gifts to the Beloit College Annual Fund go directly to financial aid to provide our students access to experiences that will serve them for the rest of their lives, just like your Beloit experiences have served you. Thank you!

See how your gifts change lives:


   Mustafa Quadir’20

Unexpected Interests

Mustafa Quadir’20 discovered a passion for anthropology at Beloit, and with help from faculty, he crafted a way to weave that passion with his research interests and plans to study medicine. He thinks he’ll be a better doctor one day because of his Beloit experiences.

Kat Grzeszkiewicz’20

Create Your Own Path

Kat Grzeszkiewicz’20, a media studies major and intern with the Beloit Snappers minor league baseball team, Kat has connected her passion for athletics to her dream of sports broadcasting and journalism. She even helped media studies become its own department.

   Kerry Randazzo’20

Art in Service of a Greater Cause

Kerry Randazzo’20 combined his love of theatre arts with a major in environmental arts and communications. “I began to think more about my art and how it could best be put to use in service of a greater cause, with more focus on applying my performance art and costume design to get my audiences to engage with environmental issues.”

Dr. Atiera Coleman’10

Full-Circle Mentorship

Dr. Atiera Coleman’10 is an amazing mentor because of the mentorship she received when she herself was a Beloit College student.

Guadalupe Orbezo-Perez’20

Caring for Diverse Populations

Guadalupe Orbezo-Perez’20, a senior biochemistry and psychology double major, French minor, and Pakula Biomedical Scholar, aspires to be a clinical psychologist, adding “I am trilingual and we need clinicians who can care for diverse populations.”

Mya Hernandez’21 dancing.

Dancing Through Life

Mya Hernandez’21 brings dance to all aspects of her Beloit experience, from classes to extracurriculars to working off campus.

Brooks Riendl’99

A Passionate Advocate for Beloit

I regularly host Beloiters Unite events, admitted student receptions, and have served on the Alumni Board for five years. I am a passionate advocate of Beloit to any and all who will listen.


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