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Beloit’s Pioneering Approach to Connecting College and Career

You are an independent thinker who is hungry for knowledge, experience, and connections and open to expert guidance from a college that respects your freedom. We are the college for you.

Beloit channels. It’s what we do.

Boundless energy, wide-ranging interests, and the sheer will to get somewhere new — you own that. At every turn, we channel all that in productive ways. In every class and on the playing field, Beloiters practice the universally valued skills which, once mastered, turn what could feel like a daunting leap from college to career into a confident stride.

A Capital-C Channel. It’s something you choose.

When you dive into a Channel, you sign on to a journey of discovery with dedicated guides. If your answers to the question of what you want to be doing with your life fall somewhere in the range of “curing disease,” “seeking justice,” “saving the planet,” or “bringing new ideas to market,” we have a Channel for you:

More are in the works. For now, click on a Channel and you’ll find mentors, suggested courses, internships and field experiences, and expertly curated connections between majors, interests, and industries. Once you’re in a Channel, you’ll find yourself with similarly driven students and access to alumni, employers, and other friends of the college who are eager to connect you to new opportunities.

As part of a Channel, you receive the most intentional guidance we offer, and you keep the freedom to plot a course all your own.

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